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Our founders are investors, Business Angels and serial entrepreneurs. They have experience in everything ranging from start-ups to scale-ups, exits, and even unicorns. – And so does our support functions. Every single one on our team knows what it is like to be a part of a start-up.
CEO, Business Angel & Mentor

Allan Sønderskov Darré

A Business Angel by heart, Allan is a mentor at CPH Business Academy and Copenhagen Business School, a member of Keystone and of CVX. He is on the board of Freetrailer, Spiio, Pentalock, PatentRenewals, and Luggagehero. He has invested in more than 25 start-ups, primarily within SaaS, DeepTech, FinTech, GreenTech, and Sharing Economy. He has an international outlook aswell as a comprehensive network of investors, tech-trendsetters, and entrepreneurs.
CFO & Business Angel

Poul Oddershede

Poul’s focus lies on building global companies out of great ideas. His main interest areas are strategical advisory, commercialization, economical issue resolving, and active ownership in investments. He has a broad background covering start-ups, scale-ups, finance, banking, legal, tax, and managing. Furthermore, he was the co-founder of AirHelp and has investments in SaaS, LegalTech, FinTech, GreenTech and Sharing Economy.
Chief Strategy Officer
Lene Nellemann
Strategic planning, development of businesses and talent testing. Lene is exceptionally good at reading people and helping them grow. She has been an entrepreneur herself for almost a decade. Her business mantra is that every company needs to master two things – to sell and to deliver – in order to be successful.
Head of Creative

Julie Randazzo

En æstetiker helt ind til benet, med en solid baggrund inden for branding, design og den digitale verden. Julie har med sin brede portfolio, skabt brand identiteter og grafiske løsninger for en lang række start-ups og scale-ups. Tidligere Head of Creative hos Goodiebox, hvor hun ledede et internationalt team af designere og fotografer. Julie har en sand passion for meningsfuld branding og fantastisk UI.

Business Development Manager​

Farhad Rasoli

A strategic and value-driven business developer with 20+ years experience of a portfolio of startup development programs and Hi-Tech/IT based new venture investment. Strong background in venture building, business planning, running pre-accelerator programs, establishing mentor programs, startup community building and business relationship management.
Personal Assistant

Sif Bregnballe

Project Manager & Entrepreneur

Birgit Kool

Business Developer
Mia Meincke
Senior Product Designer

Sylvia Dickoh

Digital Content Writer

Sacha Bavnhøj

Sofie Hvitved
Fullstack Developer

Xin Chen

Senior Developer

Veselin Ivanov

Junior Venture Analyst

Katrine Lyngby

Junior Venture Analyst
Hugo Linfeldt
Junior Venture Analyst
Mille Køhnke Lindstrøm
Technical Associate
Teodor Jonasson
Office Assistant
Emilie Céline Erichsen
Office Assistant
Anina Sommer Fabricius
Junior Data Analyst

Rasmus Holst Andersen

Chief Technology Officer
Anders Lisdorf

Anders er iværksætter og forfatter med fokus på data, fintech og cirkulær økonomi. Ud over at skrive bøgerne “Demystifying Smart Cities” og “Cloud computing” har Anders tidligere arbejdet som freelance konsulent og blandt andet været ansvarlig for udvikling af New Yorks dataservices. Han har stor interesse i, hvordan nye teknologier virker og hvordan de kan bruges til at løse verdens problemer.

Junior Venture Analyst

Daniel Vejlgaard

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